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Aviation Security

Aviation Security Instructor

The Aviation Security Instructor (AVSECI) course is a comprehensive 5 day training course for airline security personnel including managers and instructors. The aim of the course is to provide aircrew aviation security instructors with the necessary information to enable them to train flight and cabin crews on aviation security. This will enable them to instruct staff on the appropriate measures to be taken to manage security risks and minimise the consequences of security incidents.

Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRMT/CRMI)

The course addresses the issues raised by the current security climate and heightened threat levels, taking into account the motivations and tactics which have been used recently and those which are possible for future attacks on aviation.

 The course format includes use of classroom instruction, group discussions, video footage and case studies alongside practical exercises, which incorporate hands-on training with inert explosive devices and their component parts. The course defines the types of security interference, identifies target groups and types of attacker and analyses their aims.

The course content includes:
  • Defining the threat to aviation
  • History of attacks against aviation targets
  • Threat assessment
  • Defining types of interference
  • Categorising and managing disruptive passenger behaviour
  • Aircraft search procedures
  • Flight crew responsibilities
  • Sabotage
  • Action on discovery of a suspicious article
  • Hijack‚ÄĒmotivations, characteristics and response
  • Weapons recognition
  • Weapons - Improvised & concealed
  • Weapons - IID, IED
  • Hostage situations
  • Passenger reaction

Course Schedule

This course can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.