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Rail Human Factors

Human Factors in Railway Operations Course

Human Factors training in the rail industry considers the cognitive and individual factors that can influence the potential for human errors in railway operations. We deliver Human Factors courses for the Rail industry which are suitable for multi-disciplinary groups including:

  • Train drivers
  • Conductors and dispatchers
  • Driver managers
  • Trainers and assessors
  • Signallers
  • Accident investigators
  • Safety managers

Human factors in railway operations training
Human Factors in Railway Operations Course

The Human Factors in Railway Operations course is 1 day and suitable for all multidisciplinary groups of staff. This course may be at clients' location worldwide and also at GAT UK Training Centre. The course syllabus may be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the organisation or participant group. A typical syllabus will cover:

  • Personal behaviour
  • Co-operation
  • Decision making
  • Vigilance
  • Situational awareness

Course Schedule

Human Factors training can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.