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    Human Factors Training

    We are a globally recognised training and consultancy company. We deliver Human Factors training programmes in safety critical industries which improve performance through enhanced team collaboration, incident reporting and risk management.

Human Factors and Crew Resource Management Training

Safety and performance critical organisations in an incresingly wide range of industries are recognising the benefits of Human Factors training programmes developed in commercial aviation. We train instructors to deliver effective Human Factors training within their own organisations, and assist organisations to integrate Human Factors into their systems, processes and culture.

  1. Healthcare


    We deliver Human Factors training programmes which improve patient safety through enhanced team collaboration and cooperation, incident reporting, root cause analysis, and risk management.

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  2. Oil

    Oil and Gas

    Human Factors and Crew Resource Management based training programmes for oil and gas production companies. Bespoke programmes to meet specific company requirements.

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  3. Safety Critical

    Safety Critical

    When employees understand the human factors that lead to errors and accidents, they are equipped to trap errors before they occur, improving safety performance, quality and efficiency.

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  4. Energy


    We have developed courses in human factors for the electric and gas supply and distribution industry to improve safety and reduce error.

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  5. Rail

    Rail Industry

    We deliver courses in human factors for drivers, conductors and dispatchers to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency in rail operations.

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