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Aviation Maintenance

Maintenance Threat and Error Management Trainer Course

The application of the threat and error management (TEM) method can improve the margins of safety in aviation maintenance operations through the practical integration of human factors knowledge. TEM focuses on the interaction between people and the operational context (i.e., organizational, regulatory and environmental factors) within which people discharge their operational duties. We may think of TEM as being the application of Human Factors knowledge in the operational context.

Maintenance Human Factots Trainer (MHFT/MHFI)

This 3 day course covers the application of the TEM concept to

  • Improving systems and processes
  • Incident investigation
  • Analysing systematic patterns – multiple events LOSA
  • Line operations safety assessment LOSA
  • Training needs analysis

The course also includes training techniques, following the course the student will be able to deliver TEM training for licensed engineers, managers and all personnel working in the aircraft maintenance environment.

  • 3 days classroom training
  • TEM Trainer Manual in hardcopy and softcopy
  • Comprehensive student course handouts in hardcopy and softcopy
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Copyright permission for use of course materials within your organisation
  • Investigation reports and studies
  • Certification on completion of course
  • Courtesy transport from Manchester (MAN) or Liverpool (LPL) Airports
  • Conducted in our dedicated training centre, not a hotel room!
  • Courtesy daily transport between local hotels and our training centre
  • High quality refreshments and lunch on course training days

Maintenance TEM Trainer Course Programme

Day 01
    • Introduction
    • Training techniques
    • Facilitation in MHF training
    • Introduction to TEM
    • Human factors models
Day 02
    • Threats and countermeasures
    • Errors and defenses
    • Case study
Day 03
  • TEM and Safety culture
  • TEM and LOSA
  • TEM and Event investigation
  • Student case study presentations

Course Schedule

This course can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.