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Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare

Patient care, like other technically complex and high-risk services, is an interdependent process carried out by teams of individuals with advanced technical training who have varying roles and decision-making responsibilities. While technical training assures proficiency at specific tasks, it does not address the potential for error deriving from communication and decision making in dynamic environments.

Health and social care organisations should have in place a holistic and integrated system covering management, reporting, analysis and learning from all adverse incidents involving patients, clients, staff and others. The challenge is to change cultures and move towards a just, honest and open approach to incident reporting and analysis so that staff are involved and secure in sharing their experiences.

It is essential for health and social care organisations to establish the underlying causes of adverse incidents, errors and near misses. Unless the causes of an adverse patient/client experience are understood, lessons will not be learned and required changes cannot not be made to reduce the risk of future recurrence.

This programme sets out the key requirements for health and social care organisations to manage, report, analyse and learn from all adverse patient/client safety incidents.

Human factors in healthcare training

This root cause analysis programme will provide participants with the skills and expertise to effectively apply the principles and learning from error management techniques. A workshop approach is used to allow the participants to share information and experience. The programme syllabus includes:

  • How to improve communication and interpersonal relationships within clinical teams
  • How to support staff through the investigation process following an adverse patient safety incident
  • How to address communication and public relations issues
  • How to develop a robust risk assessment framework for patient safety incidents
  • How to undertake a root cause analysis using a human factors approach
  • How to formulate resulting action plans
  • How to identify the lessons learnt and select appropriate methods for dissemination
  • How to address cultural change issues

Course Schedule

Root Cause Analysis training can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.