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Safety and Emergency Procedures Instructor (SEPI) Course

A core course for safety and emergency procedures instructors for ground and line training, covering the current best practice for safety and emergency procedures training. The course covers the standard SEP training requirements of EASA, CAA and FAA.

Safety and emergency procedures

The course is suitable for both new and experienced instructors and provides the student with the skills and materials to deliver effective, best practice SEP courses for cabin and flight deck crew.  All possible emergency situations are covered.

The course package includes:
  • 5 days classroom training
  • Aircraft - type and configuration
  • Equipment - location, preflight checks, use, operation, duration, precautions
  • SOP - Standard operating procedures
  • Decompression
  • Fire & smoke
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Crash landing, ditching
  • Evacuation on land and sea
  • Safety drills and emergency procedures
  • Survival
  • Practical sessions - lifejacket and liferaft wet drill
  • Additional optional practical sessions - fire and smoke, door operation and slide evacuation.

This course is scheduled at GAT UK training centre and is also available as an in-company course at your location.

Course Schedule (Register Online)

SEPI Course

Date: 10 Dec - 14 Dec 18

Venue: Global Air Training

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