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Rail Human Factors

Human Factors for Trainee Drivers

The objective of the Human Factors for Trainee Drivers course is to introduce the concept of human factors and how it applies in the railway industry. The course develops a sound foundation of human factors skills and knowledge to underpin the development of safe working attitudes and practices in the trainee’s driving career.

Human factors in railway operations training
Human Factors for Trainee Drivers course programme

Human Factors for Trainee Drivers is a 3 day course. Below is a typical programme, this may be varied to suit the needs of the organisation. The 3 days of training may be presented in one block, or staged as required during driver training.

Course Programme

Day One
    • Introduction to HF
    • HF in practise
    • Lifestyle factors
    • Personal management
Day Two
    • Personal management review
    • Situational awareness
    • Vigilance
    • Decision making
    • Communication
    • SHEL Model
Day Three
  • Workload management
  • Personal behaviour
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Leadership
  • Team building and maintaining

Course Schedule

Human Factors training can be scheduled at your facility, or at our training centre as required. Please enquire for further details on booking.