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Aviation Security

UK Aviation Cargo Security Training

We  provide a full range of air cargo security training at all levels, A-G, including X-Ray, NXCT and Image recognition. This training is a requirement for Regulated Agents, and anyone involved in the handling/transport and access to secure SPX/SCO cargo including searching and guarding of aircraft. Global Air Training aviation cargo security instructors are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRMT/CRMI)
Aviation Cargo Security Principles

The Aviation Cargo Security Principles (previously Level A) course is mandatory for staff that have access to secure areas but do not have direct involvement with SPX air cargo. Categories of staff that require this training may include office staff, cleaners or permanent tradesmen. Duration: half day.

  • General security awareness
  • International and national objectives of aviation security
  • Principles of air cargo security
  • Responding to suspicious circumstances
  • Reacting to threat warnings
Aviation Cargo Security Principles - Drivers

This Aviation Cargo Security Principles for Drivers (previously Level B) course is mandatory for drivers with specific responsibility for SPX cargo but who do not handle it. An example may be the driver of an articulated vehicle who has no access to the SPX. Duration 1 day.

  • Level A plus
  • Drivers of vehicles
Cargo Aircraft Protection - Level C

Cargo Aircraft Protection (previously Level C) training is mandatory for staff involved with controlling access to, searching and loading of aircraft. Typically personnel loading an aircraft require this training.

  • Level A plus
  • Access control, cargo protection and patrolling control areas
  • Searching, checking and controlling access to aircraft
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
Cargo Operative - Level D

The Cargo Operative (previously Level D) course is mandatory for all staff involved in the handling or preparation of air cargo. The duration is 1 day.

  • Level B+C plus
  • Methods of concealment
  • Methods of making cargo known
Cargo Operative Screening

The Cargo Operative Screening (previously Level E) course is mandatory for all staff involved in the handling or preparation of air cargo. Duration 2 days, including 1 day on job training.

  • Level D plus
  • Using cargo x-ray equipment
  • Physical examination
Cargo Supervisor

The Cargo Supervisor (previoulsy Level F) course is mandatory for supervisors of staff qualified up to and including Level E, or staff who have day-to-day responsibility for air cargo security procedures. Please note delegates are also required to pass the Cargo National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) before they are qualified to supervise those undertaking x-ray screening duties. Duration 1.5 days.

  • Level E plus
  • Security supervisor
Cargo Manager - Level G

The Cargo Manager (previoulsy Level G) course is mandatory for the ‘Site Security Representative(s)’ as nominated in your aviation security programme. The course will also be required training for your ‘Directed Party’ as defined in the Single Consolidated Direction (SCD). Duration 1.5 days.

  • Level F plus
  • Security manager
Known Consignor Security Training

The Known Consignor course is for all staff working for organisations with Known Consignor status who will have access to identifiable air cargo

  • Aviation security - threat & mitigation
  • The threat to aviation
  • Aviation security - organisation & legislation
  • Principles of the air cargo security regime
  • Prohibited articles
  • Recognition of explosive & incendiary devices
  • Methods of concealment
  • Protecting air cargo
  • Responding to threat warnings & prohibited articles
  • Making cargo secure
  • Secure transportation
  • The consignment security certificate
  • The role of the responsible person
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